AWS Certifications: A Brief Overview

Photo by Mikhail Nilov from Pexels

As more companies are shifting workloads to the public cloud, cloud computing has become a core competency in the enterprise world. Cloud computing calls for new skills to develop, deploy, and manage applications.

AWS certification shows that you possess some of the most in-demand (and profitable) skills, as validated by one of the biggest names in cloud computing.

In 2022, Amazon Web Services (AWS) will continue to dominate the adoption of public clouds, and it will offer 11 types of certifications classified into 4 different levels with different price ranges (foundational, professional, associate, and specialty). 

In this article, we provide a detailed overview of the 11 types of certification that AWS offers: 

Foundational =$100

AWS Cloud Practitioner This is an entry-level type certification for validation of general knowledge of the Amazon Web Services cloud. The examination takes 90 minutes and is covered with multiple-choice answer-type questions. 

It covers basic AWS architecture, main AWS services, and their use, security, deployment, and operating principles. 

Associate =$150

  • AWS Solutions Architect

Intended for users with basic level experience in designing distributed applications. Abilities like designing, managing, and implementing applications with AWS tools and services are being tested. The examination takes 130 minutes. 

It covers the areas of network technologies, AWS-based applications, and platforms, data security protocols, deploying hybrid systems, etc. 

  • AWS Developer Associate 

Developing and maintaining AWS-based applications is the focus of the Associate exam. In order to access AWS applications from within your custom business applications, you will need to be able to write code using AWS software.

The examination takes 130 minutes covered with multiple-choice answer-type questions. 

  • AWS SysOps Administrator

There is only one certification that targets system administrators fully: the AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – the Associate exam. This exam requires expertise in both technical and operational aspects of Amazon Web Services. Knowledge of Linux and Windows administration is an advantage.

The examination takes 180 minutes covered with multiple-choice answer-type questions and an additional exam lab providing tasks to conduct in the AWS management console. 

Professional =$300

  • AWS Solutions Architect

Professional AWS architects review requirements and make recommendations on how to implement and deploy applications on Amazon Web Services.

The examination takes 180 minutes and is covered with multiple-choice answer-type questions. 

Prior to taking this exam, at least two years of experience designing and deploying cloud architecture is recommended. 

  • AWS DevOps Engineer 

This certification focuses on provisioning, operating, and managing AWS applications. The exam emphasizes continuous delivery (CD) and process automation, the two key concepts of DevOps. 

The examination takes 180 minutes and features multiple-choice answer-type questions. 

It covers the basics of CD methodologies, implementing and managing CD systems, monitoring, security, and logging on AWS.

Specialty =$300

  • AWS Advanced Networking

Testing candidates’ ability to perform complex networking tasks on AWS and hybrid IT networking architecture at scale. The ideal candidate should have experience architecting and implementing network solutions, as well as advanced knowledge of AWS networks.  

The examination takes 170 minutes covered with multiple-choice answer-type questions.

  • AWS Data Analytics 

Certification in AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty is for users with a background in data analytics and experience using AWS services to design and architect big data solutions. It has been developed to assess a candidate’s experience in pulling value from data using AWS services.

The examination takes 180 minutes and is designed as multiple-choice answer-type questions. 

  • AWS Database 

The exam tests your understanding of all AWS database services as well as your ability to bring value to your company through optimized database integration and architecture. It is designed for those who implement and work closely with databases. Experience handling relational and NoSQL databases on both AWS cloud-based solutions and on-premises should be at least two years.

The examination takes 180 minutes covered with multiple-choice answer-type questions. 

  • AWS Machine Learning 

Assesses your skills in creating, implementing, and maintaining machine learning-based solutions across a range of business problems. Any developer or data scientist can take this exam. It is recommended that candidates have one to two years of experience using machine learning and/or a deep understanding of the Amazon Web Services cloud.

The examination takes 180 minutes; during this period, you will have to answer multiple-choice answer-type questions. 

  • AWS Security 

Designed to help security pros and teams master security fundamentals, follow best practices, and build deep knowledge in key AWS services. The test is designed to verify your knowledge of AWS security topics such as data protection and encryption, infrastructure security, incident response, identity management, and monitoring and logging.

The examination takes 180 minutes, and you will be asked to answer multiple-choice answer-type questions.