Certification Choices for Google Cloud Platform

Image by Firmbee from Pixabay

Are you weighing your certification choices for Google Cloud Platform (GCP)? These GCP cloud certifications will be discussed here and how you may establish (and attain) your objectives for yourself.

We’ll begin by answering some of the most often asked questions about certifications, and then we’ll focus on each certification individually. Ready? LET’S GET INTO IT!

What is the significance of Google Cloud certification?

Some of the most prestigious certifications in cloud computing are those from Google. However, unlike AWS or Azure certificates, a Google Cloud certification isn’t a magical golden ticket to ensure success in your cloud job.

The only way to become a successful GCP user in a real-world capacity is to get these qualifications if you’re clever about it.

How much is prior experience required to get Google Cloud certified?

All of Google’s certifications are used for the same reason at the highest level of the company. “Validate your knowledge and demonstrate your competence” is Google’s definition of this.

Google thinks you’re interested in certificates after you’ve mastered all of the abilities required for the certifications you want. But the great majority of individuals, even those who have been using the site for years, would flunk the examinations because they are just unprepared.

These qualifications are much more extensive, comprehensive, and diverse than most people’s real-world experience. As a result, individuals—and this includes you, presuming you are an individual—generally look to certificates to fill in the gaps in their skill sets.

The difference between those who have a lot of experience and those who don’t is less for certain individuals. In order to be well-prepared for the test and get the certification, most individuals must study a significant quantity of material. It doesn’t matter what Google had in mind! we believe this is the most important benefit of certificates.

Which Google Cloud certifications are available?

For each certification, Google has to do a Job Task Analysis to identify and categorize the most relevant aspects of each real-world position.

There are a variety of roles that need engineers, such as Cloud Engineer, Data Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Network Engineer, Security Engineer, and Machine Learning Engineer. In addition, Cloud Developer (I’m not sure why they didn’t simply name it Cloud Software Engineer). Also, the Cloud Architect compensation is highly sought after and quite lucrative.

What are the various levels of GCP certification?

Certifications from Google are broken down into three levels:


There is just one Digital Cloud Leader at this time who qualifies as “Foundational.” In order to get this certification, you must have a thorough understanding of cloud principles and Google Cloud products, services, tools, features, advantages, and use cases.” This certification is appropriate for those in technical professions who may benefit from learning the fundamentals of cloud computing.


An “Associate” certification is what the Cloud Engineer credential entails. “The core abilities to deploy, monitoring, and manage projects on Google Cloud” are covered in this course, which is appropriate for individuals who want to seek Professional certifications in the future.


Professional-level certifications are focused on a particular position with more responsibilities than those at the entry level. Aside from the fact that all of Google’s certificates cover a wide range of topics, the Professional certifications all dive deeper into their respective positions’ technological and business aspects.

One of the best ways to understand the fundamentals of Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is via a Cloud Guru’s several GCP courses.

  • Google Cloud Architect Learning Path
  • Google Cloud Data and Machine Learning Path
  • Google Cloud DevOps Learning Path
  • Google Cloud Developer Learning Path
  • Google Cloud Security Learning Path

What do you need to know to become Google Cloud certified?

Let me make one more point regarding Google’s Cloud certifications before we continue: you must be familiar with material from sources other than Google to get a Google certification.

I’m making that you’ll almost certainly be tested on topics unrelated to Google. Even those that do will feature non-Google items. In addition, each certification is based on an actual Job Task Analysis, which is why this is the case. Also, there is no real-world profession that is entirely Google-specific.

Successful performance in any function depends on using current industry technologies and best practices. For migration or a hybrid configuration, you must also be able to work with pre-existing technology.