Certification Offered by Google Cloud - Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE)

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Taking a closer look at each of these certificates will give you a better idea of their value.

Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE)

We’ll begin by looking at the ACE certification, which stands for Associate Cloud Engineer. As well as the fact that this is Google’s most significant certification, here is where you should start, too. 

What is the role of an Associate Cloud Engineer?

If you’re a Google Associate Cloud Engineer, you’ll be responsible for deploying apps, ensuring that they fulfill performance criteria, and monitoring numerous projects at once. This person has worked with both public and private cloud systems. Maintaining one or more Google Cloud-based solutions, whether managed by Google or run independently, may be as simple as using the command-line interface and the Google Cloud Console.

How to become a Certified Associate Cloud Engineer

You may access the Google Cloud Platform from a web browser and the command line.

This certification focuses on GCP’s most fundamental principles. Building blocks for systems such as data processing and storage are all included in this package.

Your system’s processing includes items like Compute Engine, which may be used to run and manage as many Virtual Machines as necessary. And the Kubernetes Engine for running and controlling your clusters. And App Engine will have a lesser continuing operating load.

The system must also keep track of data, which involves mastering Google Cloud Storage for your objects and Persistent Disks for the block storage of your VMs. However, using Cloud SQL to delegate database administration to Google is also included here. Going all-in on Big Data by storing and processing your Terabytes, Petabytes, or Exabytes. of. cat videos on BigQuery are an option as well? Meow. Disclaimer: BigQuery is not a good place to store your cat videos. Put those cat movies on the cloud as a precautionary measure.)

Moving — But what good are cat films that just remain on Google’s servers? Make sure you and your billions of viewers can get to them wherever possible! Your users will need to know how to access your system’s components from anywhere via the VPC (Virtual Private Cloud).

Regarding Google cloud security, it’s important to note that this also applies internally to setting up and administering your system(s). To keep everything in order and available only to the appropriate individuals, you’ll need to learn about Projects and IAM (Identity and Access Management).

As for management, you’ll want to use Cloud Monitoring, Cloud Alerting, and other Stackdriver-derived tools to keep an eye on everything and ensure everything is running as smoothly as possible. You also need to keep an eye on and monitor your expenditure over time, including billing alerts and exports, to keep expenses under control.

Phew! Even so, we’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s available! The ACE is an excellent foundation! The Professional credentials aren’t only applicable to GCP, though. Prior to attempting any Pro certifications, you must establish a solid foundation.

What makes the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE) certification valuable?

We believe Google’s ACE certification is the essential GCP certification for this reason alone! Combining these two things is what causes it.

It teaches users how to utilize GCP effectively daily.

Achieving this qualification is doable. In other words, you don’t have to be a genius to acquire this credential. This isn’t a hypothetical statement. Some individuals find it easier than others, but you can do it if you put your mind to it. If they can do it, so can you!