Obtaining a Free Java Certification in 2022

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Top 6 Java Courses That Are Free

There are so many free materials accessible online in the digital era. In the same way, free online courses are a good example. However, this does not imply that they are necessarily beneficial to us or our professions. Choosing the optimal path out of the many available options is still challenging. Great Learning has selected the best six free Java courses for anybody who wants to acquire a high-paying Java-related job.

1. Java Programming Course

It begins with an explanation of what Java is, then moves on to the installation of the Java IDE. You’ll learn about Java’s many Variables, Data Types, and Operations. Afterward, you’ll also be required to learn about Java functions and enumerations. Aside from learning about the fundamentals of the Java programming language, you’ll also get to develop your first Java program as you go through these courses. 

2. OOPs in Java

After learning the foundations of Java, you should understand OOPs ideas in Java now, so let’s get started. You may already be familiar with OOPs and Java’s object-oriented nature at this point. Everyone interested in a career in Java should have a solid understanding of OOPs, Java’s most significant concept. In this OOPs in Java course, you’ll learn everything about OOPs and inheritance in Java from start to finish.

3. Java for Beginners: Data Structures and Algorithms

In this Java Data Structures course, you will learn about the fundamentals of Java’s data structures and algorithms. Finally, the Java course will focus on temporal complexity, recursion, searching, and sorting. The course will also cover arrays, linked lists, stacks, queues, and other Java data structures. The teacher will also have you practice interview questions for various employers before you finish the Java course.

4. Data Structures and Algorithms in Java at Intermediate Level

Learn about Data Structures and Algorithms in Java now that you’ve gotten a leg up on the competition. Time complexity, sorting techniques (such as bubble and rapid sort), merging, and insertion sorting are all covered in detail in this Java course. 

5. JDBC in Java

Learn the database languages first before diving into Java projects and apps. JDBC, also known as Java Database Connectivity, is used to connect Java and a database. 

6. Java Projects and Applications

This is the culmination of all your hard work; you now have a firm grasp of the fundamentals and more advanced concepts in Java. Now is the time to practice what you’ve learned about Java by working on Java apps or projects. This is a sure-fire technique to reinforce your knowledge and demonstrate that you are capable of becoming a Java expert. 

In conclusion

We’ve discussed a lot about Java classes on this site, and we hope you’ve been able to get the most value out of those discussions. Don’t forget about the unique selling point of these online Java classes. After completing the course and passing the evaluation exam, they provide free certificates to the students. Use them in your resume or LinkedIn profile to show off the skills you’ve gained.

These free Java classes are a great way to start your profession, so explore and join now. Check out these free Java classes to learn and re-learn, and don’t forget to put your new skills into practice on Java projects!