Intriguing Resume Statistics

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When seeking work, one of the first things you should do is prepare a CV. Maintaining up-to-date and complete data, even if you already have one, is essential for every business.

In order to secure a job, it is vital to have a well-written CV, according to the following data.

1.. 75% of resumes are eliminated before they ever reach a recruiting manager.

So, on average, how many people apply for each position in the business world? According to Glassdoor, there are around 250 employees. Many businesses make use of application monitoring systems to filter out unqualified candidates. These are handy when you have many applicants to choose from and need to swiftly restrict the field.

In order to avoid having your application rejected by an ATS, ensure that your resume has a professional tone, has only essential information, and is free of grammatical mistakes.

2. Your earning potential is increased by 7% if you have a properly prepared CV.

According to job search data, a properly prepared resume may help you get a job interview and enhance your salary.

Companies that opt to check the information on a resume will instantly reject candidates who lie. It should go without saying that all the material on your resume should be true.

3. 75% of recruiters utilize applicant monitoring tools to better their recruiting process.

According to a study by Capterra, 94% of HR professionals said that using an applicant tracking system (ATS) improved their hiring ability. Only 5% of respondents stated the program negatively influenced their workflow, while 1% said it had no effect at all.

Recruiting Statistics on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great resource for anybody wanting to get a new job. Networking is made easier since firms can easily reach out to prospective employees. Job searchers may also contact directly with hiring managers using the platform.

You should use LinkedIn while seeking a job, and building your LinkedIn network will assist you in the long term, as shown by the following data.

4. . 77% of US recruiters use LinkedIn.

According to Jobvite’s social media recruiting stats, LinkedIn is the most used job search engine, followed by Facebook with 63%. In addition to being a great networking tool, it helps job seekers locate precisely what they’re looking for in the quickest amount of time possible.

It is just as important to have a well-constructed LinkedIn profile as it is to have a well-written resume to attract recruiters.

5.. Online job boards are the most popular job-searching route for 60% of job seekers.

LinkedIn’s statistics show that online job boards are a viable option when looking for a new career. More than half of job seekers (56 percent) utilize professional social networks, while 50 percent of interviewers rely on word of mouth.

6.. Saturdays have a 16% lower response rate for InMail messages.

Using LinkedIn to get a job requires sending InMails during work hours. LinkedIn recommends sending InMails between 9 and 10 a.m on weekdays.

7. Mentioning a previous job raises your chances of receiving an InMail answer by 27%.

You may boost your odds of obtaining an InMail answer by 27% by just mentioning a previous job on LinkedIn. For this reason, it’s important to maintain a professional demeanor at work and maintain positive working connections with former coworkers.

Job Search Data – Key Findings

Even though it takes some time, getting a job nowadays is simpler. You may use various resources to help you get a job, including online job boards and business-oriented social networking sites like LinkedIn.

Nevertheless, you should ensure that you arrive prepared by researching more about the organization you are applying to increase your chances. You should also continue to work on your resume and improve your communication skills as you work on your resume. All the best to you in your endeavors!