Top 3 Native Animation Libraries for React

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Developing an attractive user interface and including animations are two methods used by app designers to increase user involvement and retention. Incorporating fun animations into your app’s interface is a great way to make it more appealing to consumers. It’s the same idea behind building native apps using React.

A well-designed user interface and animations of specific user actions can enhance user involvement inside an app. As a result, while developing on the React Native platform, you need to use the UI component and animation libraries. In this article, we’ll look at several popular React Native Animation libraries and see how they may be used to improve the app’s UX.

Excellent Native Animation Libraries for React

These are the best animation libraries for your next react native app development project:

  • React Native Animatable

One of the most popular animation libraries is React Native Animatable. It is one of the greatest libraries to use when developing a react native app with micro-interactions. There are declarative wrappers available in this library. They provide a simple API that you can use to animate your react native components, implement generic transitions, create loops, and more.

It’s common to see frequent bouncing, swipes, slides, and the like in applications. Experts in user interface design may benefit from React Native Animatable’s predefined, animated components. As a result, it eliminates the need to manually reimplement the most common animations. There are over sixty built-in animations to choose from.

  • React Native Reanimated

This library offers a full and broad low-level abstraction on which to construct an API for an animation library. In addition, its Animated API was designed from the ground up to provide extensive customization options for gesture-based interactions and the creation of animated UI elements. This library combines well with the Gesture Handler library to provide such interactions.

With React Native Reanimated, animations are made on the native thread, bypassing the JavaScript one. This is compatible with previous versions. To investigate this library and make the switch from Animated API, you need not modify large swaths of code or rebuild the animation for a specific key element in React Native.

Expo and Software Mansion developers actively manage and improve this collection of animations. In addition, it works well on low-end gadgets.

  • Fluid Transitions for React Navigation

This library is written in JavaScript and builds smooth animations between elements. Using the React Navigation package, this may be done while moving between pages. Here, a novel Navigator named Fluid Navigator is put into action.

StackNavigator has been replaced in React Navigation with Fluid Navigator. The API and setup for this new navigator are quite similar to those of the navigator provided by the navigation library. Moreover, it allows for individualized transitions and gesture navigation. When many navigation screens have similar items, this module may assist in coordinating the common transitions between them.

Final Thoughts

The aforementioned React Native animation libraries were created with the main goal of assisting app developers in creating user-friendly UIs, animations, and modifications. The vast majority of these libraries include excellent configurable options and useful pre-installed features. Using any of the libraries above may improve the user experience of your forthcoming react native app.