The 5 Most Needed Deep Learning Skills for Engineers

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Among the branches of machine learning, deep learning is focused on neural networks. The global economy requires students to master deep learning skills. By 2023, deep learning skills may enable them to secure lucrative roles at MAANG (Meta, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google) firms.

Throughout this article, we will discuss how engineers can become recession-proof by using deep learning.

Development of software

Creating and maintaining software systems and solutions for multiple platforms is called software development. Two common specializations are a website development and mobile operating system development. As for web developers, they must have a solid understanding of SEO and SEM. There is a high demand for UX designers and Android mobile developers in this field.

Techniques used in signal processing

Professionals with expertise in signal processing may also be sought by employers. Among the deep learning ideas it may incorporate are Fourier analysis, convolution, time-frequency analysis, and other ideas related to deep learning. As well as improving signal quality, transmitting, and storing efficiency, these methods also provide a means of detecting certain constituents of signals. Among the essential deep learning skills, it is recession-proof.

Languages for programming

As technology advances, there is an increased demand for programming language expertise. The demand for programmers will increase by 22% by 2028, presenting MAANG companies with multiple career options.

The cloud computing environment

The concept of cloud computing simply refers to storing and delivering data, software, and other computing resources via the Internet. Cloud experts and engineers are required to plan, design, develop, and maintain cloud computing solutions. One of the most sought-after tech credentials is a certification in Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services. This MAANG sector includes cloud security engineers, data science engineers, cloud architects, and cloud consultants.


Networks and devices are protected against unforeseen attacks and unwanted access by a set of technologies, procedures, and services known as cybersecurity. A cybersecurity specialist must be knowledgeable about information security, network security, and vulnerability assessment. Among the fields with bright futures in this industry are ethical hackers, cybersecurity analysts, and security engineers.