Tips to Get Started Your Clojure Programming Career

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Because Clojure is based on Lisp, a grammar that almost everyone can agree is difficult to master, many programmers are reticent concerning it. However, Clojure is unique. Whether you like it or not, it will unquestionably enable a new perspective on how you code and handle issues.

We have chosen to assist you in getting started right away if you’re interested in taking steps to learn Clojure! These are the top 5 websites in our perspective for learning Clojure, including everything from the very basics to significant programming experience. Most of them even cost nothing!


The ClojureBridge Curriculum is a community-based tool that brings together a wealth of information in one convenient location and is excellent for novices. Before doing anything else, everyone just starting out programming in Clojure should have a look at this.

2 – Clojure from the Ground Up: An fascinating reading that takes a very direct approach to Clojure and is intended to attract programmers with experience in other languages.

3 – 4Clojure / Clojure Koans: Once you’ve grasped the fundamentals, this website offers practice tasks you may perform in the browser. The tasks that are significantly more challenging and require a git and an editor to be installed on your computer are called Clojure Koans.

4. My Installation Guides: a useful tool for creating programs that can operate on the three most popular operating systems, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

5 – Clojure Cheatsheet: Keep in mind that cheatsheets are your buddy, and even seasoned pros have them stored in their browsers for rapid access. Use this well-organized set of built-in Clojure functions and macros that is readily available to you!