5 Technical Skills a Performance Tester Should Have

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Performance testing can be described as an investigational practice which makes it possible to ascertain the quality of a system’s performance when subjected to a certain workload. Performance testing is important in the determination of the scale, continued existence, and constancy of a software product.

Particular skills for test engineers are needed in order to make this a success. These skills can either be technical or non-technical.

The modern web development stack includes:

  • HTML5
  • JavaScript and languages that compile to it
  • CSS and its preprocessors, such as Less and Sass
  • Ruby
  • SQL and database query tools

The following skills are vital if you plan to be a good software tester. Compare your skill set against the following checklist to determine whether Software Testing is a reality for you


Various performance testing tools exist in the market. This is because they perform different functions sustaining different development functions.  This explains why there are specific specializations required to generate load tests. Numerous procedures exeunt when conducting performance trials.

Essential knowledge of System Architecture

It is imperative that you learn software development languages and other properties for you to successfully conduct performance testing. Understanding of functioning of Garbage Collection when employing Java or .NET project, for example, is imperative.

Memory, CPU and network bandwidths might cause presentation malfunction in the application. This, therefore, means that hardware design and system layers constitute what should be evaluated all through a test.

CSS and XPath Selectors

HTTP is common when conducting project performance analysis. This is because it authenticates information in its rejoinder. For authentication and extraction purposes, experts often use CSS and XPath Selector. When the expected outcome is not realized, normal phrases are employed to mine information. Due to their skills, test automation engineers are likely to be engaged as specialists to analyze performance. This is due to the fact that they have the requisite experience and technical know-how required.

Recognizing Consumer Actions

Different consumers of the system have different characters as far as the use of the system is concerned. This accounts for the variance in performance examination scripts since there is a need that they mirror the client understanding the software in question. So as to appreciate your consumers and state of affairs comprehensively, it is vital to keep interacting and to be studying supplementary information about your consumers, product possessors and even with the marketers, you have engaged their services. They will make available for you the essential data concerning the customer manners during high moments, the number of tasks and other helpful portions of particulars. It becomes an uphill task for an individual software developer to reveal the customer’s actions in a Black Friday. Only figures of dealings can be collected from the developers.

These types of capabilities not only allow testers to be more involved across the app’s lifecycle and development processes but also can help improve the overall quality of software projects across the board, ensuring that they live up to both the company’s and the user’s expectations.