Becoming a Professional Backbone.JS Developer


Presently, a full stack web development with Backbone.js framework seems to be getting huge popularity in the marketplace. Maybe, it is due to its compatibility with other JavaScript technology platforms of its kind like JQuery and Underscore.js frameworks… which are closely related to its functions. In fact, every Backbone service provider uses Backbone programming for the creation and development of useful things like SPA and web applications that are clearly based on JavaScript technology. Let’s closely look and find out if Backbone knowledge is essentially useful for JavaScript coder for job considerations.

A clearer Backbone JS Overview

For beginners, Backbone JS is a useful JavaScript-based library that is majorly used for the development of client-side applications, especially single page applications like SPAs. Moreover, it is a lightweight framework to choose and make use of for any high-performance applications.

In addition, Backbone.js mostly follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) design paradigm and uses a RESTful JSON interface. Simply put,  in trying to build a web applications, there are critical times when at some points, a JavaScript coding of a web application development project may get entangled with a couple of selectors and callbacks that might try and test your data on too much DOM, or as some would refer and clearly call this, a “spaghetti” code. What this does is that it tends to be a mess. Because you would have to track data and maintain data sync and flow between your HTML, UI, JavaScript logic, and your sensitive server-side application. In achieving this, a well-structured approach in organizing your code helps to untangle this type of mess, hence and also helping the MVC design paradigm.

In recent times, Backbone.js has greatly helped developers by providing them with the ability to organize their code into the Model-View structure, thereby providing them with a more recognizable, manageable and sustainable code. Due to the fact that Backbone.js is a library rather than a framework, it is mainly focused on providing developers with helpful functions in hopes to streamline the flow of data, instead of oddly re-structuring your entire code. In a way, it is modular enough that it can be compared and used alongside other JavaScript libraries. It is also scalable, as it can be used to handle widgets to larger applications and interfaces.

Major Projects That Required a Backbone Developer

This JavaScript happens to be a leading technology in the field of web development. To many Backbone consultants and analysts, recommending JavaScript technology as the user interface development as greatly appreciated. This may be a huge reason why Backbone development is getting popularity consistently in our world today.

A Backbone provider has assessed to develop many types of front-end applications with Backbone JS library using a JavaScript environment. Commonly, the most recognizable types of applications that are developed and making waves with Backbone technology include the following:

Airbnb – This is a web application that serves as a well-known online “marketplace” that’s widely known for renting short-term lodging all over the world.

Hulu – This is an online video-on-demand subscription service provider.

Trello – This is a web application for project management and collaborative work to get things done faster.

Foursquare – This is a web-based application that was designed for local establishment search-and-discovery.