Keeping Up with the Evolution of JavaScript

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Most of the tech professional understands that technology changes constantly. JavaScript has been around since 1995. However, the language is different from how it was when it was originally released.  JavaScript has evolved as time passed in order to be relevant and popular while making it more and more capable.

As a consequence, professionals who use JavaScript need to always learn new things in order to remain current. The landscape changes often, so keeping it up with the changes is crucial if you want your career to thrive. If you are not yet sure how you can stay up to date as JavaScript evolve, here are some things that you should know.

Monitor the Right Resources

Keeping the pace with the evolving of any technology may seem like a challenge, but it doesn’t always have to be. More often, by finding the right resources, you can read about emerging trends, find out about what’s popular, and find details about all-new available features and functions.

When it comes to JavaScript, signing up for newsletters as JavaScript Weekly can be a good decision. Even more, following JavaScript thought leaders on social media, reviewing relevant subs on Reddit, and paying attention to any new JavaScript articles on Medium, Hacker News, or similar sites can be really helpful.

If you are working with other developers, you can talk to them to send you any relevant or interesting news or articles they read and offer to do the same for them. By doing this, you can all work together to keep up with the upgrades.

Go to Conferences

Conferences are another good way to learn about new trends and tools. Whether you look for new options about developers in general or something more specific, you will have the possibility to learn some interesting information by going to conferences.

Conferences usually post information about their speakers and sessions before the event. If you are thinking to attend a conference that is not specifically about JavaScript, take a look at these details to see if anything of what will be presented could interest you before signing up. Also, make sure to network with other professionals while you are there, as they may have interesting information to share as well.

Experiment with Small Projects

When you learn about a new JavaScript tool or feature, you could take a small project that lets you to learn more about it by experimenting with it. This can be a personal project, part of a side hustle, or something from your primary employer, giving you the chance to learn by working with it. After that, you can research about the tool or feature and try using them while you read.

This is a very good method to learn about new things and it will help you memorize lots of details, even if it can take more time. As a side benefit, you’re exploring one little idea at a time, which can make it feel easier to remember without a big effort.