HTML and CSS: Still Relevant for Designers


There is tremendous pressure facing contemporary programmers with the introduction of several new web programming languages which are the real deal at the moment. These include React, Angular, and so forth. This is not just based on the rate at which these languages are becoming prevalent, but since the bar for configuration, occupation is by all accounts getting higher.

Numerous job postings now request for “Full Stack” creators, the individuals who have versed in UI and UX coding and compose code. You may likewise have perused one of the numerous articles out there regarding why originators ought to figure out how to code.

Do not fret. Having a sound knowledge of just HTML and CSS is enough to meet the requirements you need to make the grade as a top class developer. Sit back as we highlight some important reasons behind that.

  1. HTML and CSS are Design Tools

Technically, HTML and CSS are not programming languages because they do not compile. If you make a mistake in your HTML or CSS, what the program does is to skip it, or tries its best to demonstrate what it supposes you implied. Simply, HTML and CSS are mere templates for styling and organizing content.

  1. HTML is What the Browser Knows

React and others are languages that must eventually yield HTML. The program doesn’t know React, it knows HTML. With the goal that’s what must be there in the end. Hence, you can work with a designer in React without actually understanding it.

  1. CSS3 Is Replacing JavaScript as the Language of Animation on the Web

Having said earlier that HTML and CSS are not genuine programming languages, it is pertinent to add that a portion of the new stuff is beginning to get sort of programming language-y. CSS can be a great way to start if you want to develop yourself without learning any new language.

  1. Wireframes with CSS Are Better than a Photoshop Mockup

The design details in mockup may sometimes need to be coded. This is especially true in old environments where the developers’ work is based on specifications about the images and pixels.

  1. In Any Event, it is Possible for You to Customize a Web Framework

There is a likelihood that your developers will make use of bootstrap – or something related to it – when working on a web product. Assuming this is the case, you can try out your CSS abilities to utilize and take responsibility by modifying the system subject. You can likewise begin with one of the numerous custom subjects out there.

By isolating highlights from appearance, engineers can code differently from the design team, but still, allow the team to have authority over what the client sees.

A combination of this strategy and the one above, Using Wireframes with Pattern Libraries and Frameworks, is likewise compelling.


In case you’re a developer worried that you “just” know HTML and CSS, or you need to be a developer and are hoping to make yourself attractive, you don’t really need to become familiar with a mind boggling programming language. HTML and CSS, although archaic by innovation norms are time tested are as vital to the web as they have at any point been, and an incredible asset for the contemporary designer.