5 Best Programming Languages For Systems Admins  

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There are numerous programming languages but which ones are the most useful for system admins? These languages are particularly suitable because of the benefits they provide to system admins not only in their current role but because they will allow them to pivot into other roles such as web development, DevOps, and security and penetration testing. 

Read on to find out which are the best programming languages for system admins. 


One of the most popular programming languages, Python is open-source and supported by many operating systems. It is relatively easy to learn and can be used in various industries such as web, social media, automation, administration, and of course, security. 

Many tools that penetration testers use include plugins that import Python scripts into the workflow. This is specifically because of the agnostic approach and the facility because the scripts can be modified as needed. 

Python is supported by a large and very active community and there are numerous libraries that help to shorten the time for development. The best-suited roles for Python developers are penetration testing, web development, DevOps, and automation. 


BASH, or Bourne Again Shell, is known for the combination of applications and commands for the construction of scripts that are used for automation. It is a native shell for systems based on Unix/Linux. 

BASH is not supported by all OSes, especially Windows systems even though Microsoft is making attempts to incorporate a BASH interpreter. 

The most important benefits of BASH include efficiency and speed, support. Suitable for system admins who want to expand their knowledge. Some of the best-suited roles for BASH developers are Linux-based system administration, application development, and automation. 


Powershell by Microsoft has changed a lot recently and today is open-source, with limited support for Unix-based systems, and adding more support for OSes. 

It is used by system administrators to support and manage any device with the flexibility to work on the data any way they want, as well as automate virtually all the aspects of a system. 

Powershell uses modules, which are similar to libraries, so that added functionality can be introduced and expand its capabilities. Best suited roles for Powershell programmers include Windows and Linux-based system administration, cloud engineering, and automation. 


Ruby is a new programming language, especially compared with the others on the list. It might also be the least popular of all but this does not mean it should be discounted. Ruby has several strengths including being easy to learn and very useful for web-based development. 

There is substantial support and following for Ruby especially in the security community mainly because it is focused on clean code and security. 

Some of the best-suited roles for Ruby developers are pentesting, web development, e-commerce, and application development. 


One of the oldest programming languages, JavaScript has stood up the test of time. It was created 25 years ago and offers speed, versatility, compatibility, and simplicity. 

JavaScript is updated frequently and the updates offer new functionalities that offer better usage of resources for mobile development, web-based applications, and games. 

One of the downsides is that JavaScript is not very good for managing systems because of vulnerabilities due to the way it conceals code. 

Best-suited roles for JavaScript developers include application, web, and games development.