8 Skills Programmer Must Master Before a Technical Interview

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The 21st century is a season of software development in which developers are sought everywhere and every time. These developers are expected to possess some programming skills to enable them to function effectively in software development. To be considered the best candidate for a job as a programmer requires you to master a few basic skills before the interview. Among these skills are:

  1. Soft skill

Programmer oftentimes in a bid to show their level of expertise disrupts the order and peace of the organization. Soft skill refers to a personal skill that differentiates you from every Tom, Dick, and Harry in your field. A programmer who lacks soft skill will cause conflict and unending insubordination in his team.

Your conflict minimization characters, peaceful conduct, ability to respond positively to changes are the soft skill you need as a programmer.

  1. Problem-solving ability

You need to incorporate the habit of providing solutions to problems no matter how hard it seems. Most business owners seek this character in their employees. This does not just jump over you but through consistent practice. As a developer, you must constantly seek means to improve your problem-solving abilities and give the best solution among other solutions. Moreover, you must note that though your proposal is not the only solution but certainly among the best solution for any problem. Let these become a habit for you.

  1. Business sense

Though you are a programmer, it is better you get yourself familiar with some necessary business ethics that will make your leader trust you. You must be able to see beyond your code. Know how your coding skill can contribute to the growth of the company. This enables you to speak in the language of the business executives.

  1. What you did at your last job

This is an important part of your interview and many have been reported to fail in this section. Few questions about your last job would be asked and could be based on:

  • your roles and responsibility
  • challenge encountered
  • your overall experience on the job

Keep in mind that sincerity may bail you out of this section.

  1. Proficiency in core programming languages

Ensure you display a high level of proficiency in your programming language. No business organization wants to hire and then teach you the main language you ought to be familiar with. It is an added advantage to be fluent in the basic programming languages.

  1. Understanding algorithm and data structures

It speaks well of a programmer when he/she is conversant with data structures and basic programming algorithm. Ensure you can defend your knowledge in this basic skill before going for a technical interview.

  1. Breadth of Knowledge

Enlarge your coast in your field of programming. This brings other opportunities in your way. Learn how to integrate what you already know into other phases of programming technology for you never know when your service shall be greatly rewarded.

  1. Thinking on your feet

Before you approach the company for an interview, be sure you have made good findings on the core values the organization expects its employee to possess. What are the pressing needs and challenges of the company and how you can help? Does your service benefit them in any way?

With all the aforementioned vital points, there is no gainsaying you are in a good position to approach for the interview. Good luck.