How to Start Learning Python


Learning Python can be so interesting when you are in the “right hand”. This refers to the tool and method of learning. This article presents the best outline on how to start learning Python and consequently become a back-end developer.

What is backend development?

Backend development refers to a part of software applications that the user does not see but plays an integral role in the final outcome of software development. To understand fully, you will need to know that computer applications have two sides: the one you could see and the unseen side.

If you are familiar with web browsing, what you see on the web page are the HTML, CSS and JavaScript file. But these files are imported from somewhere you are oblivion to. We call it the back-end. A good analogy for a backend is pictured when you compose an email and you send to a colleague or friend. The encrypted message lands into where you can call the “google email resource center”. Your friend can access your message by downloading it from this resource center. This resource center is the backend.

Backend vs Frontend

It does not seem so correct to say backend vs Frontend because these two work together to give you the awesome experience on your mobile or computer device. In fact, software developer’s aim is to ensure a perfect link between the Frontend and the backend for computer software to function very well. Nevertheless, a frontend developer differs from a backend developer in a programming language. you will need to be conversant with JavaScript in order to become a proficient frontend developer while a backend developer must be able must be well grounded in other programming languages depending on the nature of the problem he/she wants to solve.

Python is one of the main programming languages you will need as a backend developer. Be ready to install a few software programs like a language interpreter, text editor as a tool to enhance your study as well.

 Why should you learn Python?

Learning Python is a gateway to numerous opportunities to become an excellent backend developer. Python facilitates coding proficiency. The language is flexible and easy to learn. The Python learning curve is smoother and better than other languages like Java. Your knowledge of Python enables you to fit into web development using the frameworks Django, Flask, and Pylons.

What tools do you need?

The necessary tool for Python programming as mentioned earlier are language interpreter and a text editor. A text editor can be of various categories. There are simple ones as well as advanced ones with good integration power. It is recommended you choose Atom and VIM to begin learning.

Learning Python the old way

The old school way of learning Python is through books. You will have to concentrate very well in order to dig out the terms and methods of Python programming. This old school way could be a good start for you to know what programming entails. It also expands your knowledge as a beginner but it is time and energy consuming.

Can I start learning Python online?

Online learning of programming language will afford you the opportunity to stay focus, produce relevant results over a short period of time and widens tour horizon. Python can be learned online through a free website and other paid ones. We recommend taking some online course in order to enhance quick learning and exposure to broad programming skills.