10 Programming Languages to Learn in 2019

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Are you in doubt as to the choice of programming language to learn this year? Or you want to add to your existing coding skills? The solution is at your fingertip. This article presents to you the best ten programming languages that may catch your attention.

  1. Python

Python is among the fast-growing programming languages with interesting features that might keep it in use for a very long time. It fits into web programming applications, desktop apps, machine learning, network servers and much more. Python framework like Django, Pyramid, and Turbo Gear is useful in backend services and API’s.

  1. JavaScript

JavaScript is a rapidly expanding programming language with enormous use for frontend and backend programming. A good number of programmer prefer JavaScript to other languages owing to its increasing demand in the game industry and usefulness in the Internet of things (IoT). website developers find it so useful in building interactive websites because most website requires a JavaScript to complete program task efficiently.

  1. Rust

Rust is a new language which came onboard in 2018 and was originally developed by Mozilla Foundation. Rust is currently gaining the confidence of programming professionals due to its simple language that operates critical code. Beginners might not find it so useful but the experienced programmer can use it.

  1. GO

GO is another programming language developed in 2007 at Google, now an open source programming language. Simple to write and efficient to use like C++. The language enhances time reduction in typing and prevents stuttering.

  1. SWIFT

SWIFT is a new programming language launched in 2014. It is a general purpose, multi-program compiled programming language developed by Apple Inc. Programmer interest in IOS mobile development uses it to a very great extent. Career pathing in this programming language is promising and could be lucrative.


This is a programming language supported by Google for mobile development on Android. It integrates most effectively with Java. It has become the third language fully supported for Android in addition to Java and C++.

  1. C++

When it comes to language flexibility, programmers prefer to use C++ programming language. Gives interesting performance and reliable for all-around usage.

It will surprise you to know that even Microsoft Windows and Google Chrome was developed with C++ programming language and still being used today.

  1. Typescript

Unlike other, typescript fits into programming development on the large scale. Ability to work perfectly for most frontend and backend applications separate it from others. Programmers into robotic controls and neural network design find the language of great use.

  1. Java

Everyone is familiar with Java programming language. It is a general-purpose programming language with an increasing number of users. The acronym WORA meaning “write once and run anywhere” is used to classify the features of this language. Just like Python and C++, Java is embedded with an object-oriented feature.

  1. F#

F# is another programming language with strong and secured programming features. It is used mainly as a cross-platform to Common Language Infrastructure (CLI) and can be used to generate Javascript processing unit code. It’s a very good tool.