Why Does Using Firebase For Mobile App Development Benefit You

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Mobile apps have become a necessary part of our daily lives. Just think about how many times you open your mobile apps each day. Think about the range of tasks you can achieve via your apps. You the average mobile user, we tend not to consider the algorithms that are required, or how the back end and front end of mobile apps function?

If you are a startup and you are about to embark on your mobile app development project, you will want to have a look at Firebase to fulfill your user’s vital needs.

Andrew Lee and James Tamplin created Firebase in September 2011 and it was later bought by Google in 2014. It’s a mobile app development that can also be used for website development with a real-time database. There are plenty of tools that come with this Backend-as-a-Service platform. There are features that allow for high-quality apps in little time. It’s globally popular for its rich features and scalability.

The Firebase platform also incorporates services such as analytics, cloud storage, cloud messaging, automatic scaling authentication, real-time databases, configuration, and file storage. Its uses continue as developers can create app marketing, social networks, enhanced user management for better user experience and user engagement.

We will now take a moment to look closer at the features and advantages of Firebase.

Real-time Database

You will be able to store and synchronize the data you collect from your clients with the real-time database and cloud storage, thanks to it being a Google Cloud product. Because it’s a NoSQL, data is stored as JSON, which means if your user goes offline, the information remains in real-time for all customers. If you are aiming to build a cross-platform app, Firebase can be used for Android, iOS, and JavaScript SDKs.

Google Analytics

To gain useful business insights, you can follow the activities of your users. This is probably one of the best features as it’s free and can report more than 500 types of events. Within each one, there are in excess of 25 elements. With the analytics dashboard, you can easily see users are interacting with your app and even how they are making the most of it. You will also be able to export all of your data to BigQuesy.

Crash Reporting

With Firebase crashlytics you can get to the bottom of what is causing any issues in your app, in particular, finding and fixing bugs as quickly as possible so that your app is sturdier. On top of that, with the custom events, you can even understand a crash before its occurrence.

Quick and Secure Web Hosting

Developers will be able to enjoy production-grade hosting. As well as the speed you can also relax knowing that your app is secure. Firebase lets you create and host single-pages, mobile landing pages, web pages, and/or progressive web pages. Of course, you can benefit from Content Delivery Network (CDN). Hosting procedures are carried out through Auto Provisioned SS, Customized domain support, and Global CDN.

Firebase Authentication

This feature enables top security with SDKs and UI libraries in order to authenticate user names, email IDs, and passwords. The same people who created Google Sign-In, Smart Lock, and Chrome Password Manager developed Firebase Authentication.

Easy Content Storage

Firebase lets you store content like images, audio, videos, and other such content simply and quickly. This will greatly reduce the time needed and it still keeps mobile connectivity in mind.

Notifications and Messages

Another amazing free feature with Firebase, the ability to enhance user engagement. You can send messages and notifications to your users regardless of the device or platform they are on. These notifications can also be directed to a certain audience with GUI. To make it more appealing, very little code knowledge is needed.

App Recommendations

Dynamic Links are what allow you to recommend your app to others via social media, web apps, emails, etc. They are smart URLs that will increase the traffic to your app. The dynamic links have a clever browser-based property so it will be sent to a suitable browser or app for installation.

Increasing the Traffic with App Indexing

When you index your app you can increase search results, assisting your users to find and install your app. Firebase advanced features offer insight into the best methods for reengagement with your app.

In-App Advertising

If you are looking for ways to earn extra money from your app, you will love the Firebase AdMob. You are able to select the ideal adverts that match up your site with the likes and wishes of your customers.

In Summary

If you want a mobile app development platform that will allow you to create secure, attractive, engaging sites, Firebase is most certainly for you. Not just that, but you can also enjoy the multiple benefits from the analytics collected, the apps performance, and advertisements.