Best Practices In Mobile App Wireframe Design

photo by Authentic Images

Mobile app wireframe design is important because it provides the skeletal layout of the application or the website. It is the most basic step that should not be skipped. The framework makes the design user-friendly so that the user’s journey is smooth and leads easily to the destination. 

When designing a mobile app wireframe, you should remember that it always comes first – the visually appealing content is added after. If you do not provide the wireframe’s foundation, you risk all your design in the later stages to become faulty. Do not skip the mobile app wireframing if you want to skip the reworking part. 

To ensure that the mobile app wireframe is effective, you follow these basic guidelines: 

  • Keep it simple – use less color to ensure more attention to the framework.
  • Use a single design to decrease the distraction. 
  • Use basic designs to make it easier to focus on the bigger picture. 
  • Use real content instead of dummy texts to understand better what happens exactly.
  • Add detailed elements step by step to avoid excess details.
  • Add comments to make it easier for others to read and understand.

Keep in mind that the app will be used by both iOS and Android users – create optimized versions for both systems. 

Structuring and prototyping are very important for mobile app wireframing – here are the best practices that will provide the best results. 

Always do the research.

No matter what is the scope of the project, doing the proper research first hand is important to bring out relevant data. You need to understand the strengths and weaknesses, as well as target areas of the users and the market, to get a clearer image of the app wireframes. 

Provide proper navigation reassurance 

A lot of developers do not pay attention to this step, but it can be a game-changer. Internet users need reassurance in relation to navigation, and developers should provide it by using catchy visual aids and contrasting colors. 

Refining and categorizing information

Categorizing content should be based on certain parameters to be effective. Consider using card sorting to test the categories on real users to help you refine the process. 

Do not underestimate collaboration.

When using mobile app wireframing tools, developers can receive feedback, comment on online wireframes, and share them on devices and web browsers. 

Substance comes before style.

Wireframing is so much more than visually attractive images and colors. Leave the decoration process for the final stages of UI wireframing and focus on the workflow’s performance and functionalities. 

Do not skimp on content.

Do not use duplicate content to finish the entire project quickly. You want to avoid later rework, so use the original content and avoid putting in irrelevant content.  

Do not forget to test on actual users.

Forgetting to test on real users is one of the biggest mistakes a mobile app wireframe developer can make. The testing stage can show you what functionalities need to be updated or fixed.