How to Prepare for a Remote Job Interview

Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels

The global COVID-19 epidemic has had a profound effect on almost every business. As a result, many of us are now working from home. This has its advantages and disadvantages, but, it certainly makes the hiring process more complicated!

For the foreseeable future, in-person interviews aren’t really feasible. Luckily, remote working has existed long before the crisis, so technology is already in place for digital recruitment. Here are a few top tips to make sure you can still get the interview right even in this time of marketplace unease.

  1. Make sure to have a plan

You’re probably feeling quite intimidated because all the steps you are used to no longer really apply. Despite that, interviews need to keep happening.

  • Download the software as required
  • Choose your spot wisely.
  • Set up your office.
  • Give it a once over.
  1. Have the right tools for the job

Use a high-quality webcam and microphone; Even if this aspect is not related to how qualified you are for the job, having a low-quality mic or webcam during the interview could hurt your chances for the job. You should try to test out your headphones and the video software before the job interview. Make sure you know how to mute your microphone and share your webcam.

  1. Make sure you’re just as prepared as you would be for face to face interview

Write down what questions you think you will be asked. And think through your responses based on your experiences. Have your resume handy. Having your eyes move back and forth between multiple screens could make it look like your attention isn’t totally on the interviewer,

Although the interview is going to be online, you will still have to dress in a business casual outfit. This is the best time to get yourself well-groomed. Remote interviews are still real interviews.

4. Clean up your interviewing space and make it clutter-free

Make sure that you are sitting comfortably and that your background is neutral. Make sure kids, pets, and all other adorable but distracting extras are kept far away from your interview! The room you choose should be well-lit and free of noise and distractions for the meeting. Also, ensure that it’s free of clutter – nobody needs to (literally) see your dirty laundry!

Don’t forget to end the session – don’t embarrass yourself by leaving on your mic or video and getting a little too casual!

A Remote Job Interview Is Like Any Interview

The only difference is you’re doing it from home. Whether it’s your first remote interview or not, it never hurts to review the above steps just to make sure you get everything in place.

Good luck to all job seekers!