4 Ways Candidates Can Prepare for a Remote Interview

photo by Authentic Images

The hiring process is stressful and nerve-wracking enough. And especially when it is entirely done online – which is more and more the case nowadays. If you are in the process of looking for a new job, chances are you will have to go through a remote interview. Using a video platform instead of an onsite physical interview is the new normal and as a candidate, you should be prepared so that you do not miss your chance to land your dream job. 

There are significant differences between an online and a face-to-face interview and if this is your first one, you would be probably concerned about your performance. But fear not – here are the 4 best ways to prepare for a remote interview and boost your chances to get the job. 

Ask about the process

If you do not receive any info on how the remote interview will be conducted exactly, ask the recruiter or the company. They should give you an estimate of how long the interview will be, on which platform will it be held, would you need to use any additional tools, and how many rounds should you expect. You might also ask about whether there are any specifics you should know about such as expected dress code or additional steps of preparation you should know about. 

Set up your physical space

Even though it is not a face-to-face interview, first impressions are just as important. You should take some extra time before your interview to make sure that your environment is properly set. Remove any clutter in the background and make sure that you are in a noise-free space. Double-check that your camera is working properly and that the internet connection is stable. Turn off the sound of your mobile devices and laptop notifications and close all unnecessary tabs on your computer. Finally, familiarize yourself with the video platform you will use – make sure that you know how to work with it, that it has access to your camera and microphone, and that you can use its additional features such as screen sharing. 

Take the time to practice

You would prepare for an onsite interview so do the same and for the remote interview. Prepare yourself with answers to common questions and problems. Think about what challenges you have faced in your previous work and how that would help you in the position you are applying for. Get familiar with the company’s core mission or values and work on your answers to any questions related to that. Soft skills are important and even if the interview is online – and even if your position is also remote – you have to make sure that you fit in the company’s atmosphere and spirit. 

Be confident 

You have spent the time preparing yourself and your interview environment. You have made yourself familiar with the platforms and tools you will be using. You have ensured that everything is supposed to go as smoothly as possible. There is one final thing you should do before your remote interview – do not forget to bring your confidence. 

You have made it so far so make sure that you show your motivation to continue forward. Feel comfortable, ask the right questions, showcase your previous work confidently, and do not forget to ask for feedback when the interview is over. 

And if you don’t get the job, don’t be discouraged. Reflect on the way things have gone, see if there was anything you could improve, and start preparing for your next remote interview.