9 Tips On How to Become a Successful Android Developer 

Photo by Sarah Pflug from Burst

The number of Android apps you will find in the Google Play store is in the hundreds of thousands, and as the market is getting over-saturated, it is becoming more and more difficult to stand out, Some of these apps gain huge popularity, others not – even if they offer pretty decent functionality. If you are a new Android developer and you want to stand out, you should find how to make your app outstanding. 

Here are 9 good tips you should consider if you want to be successful as a new Android developer. 

Google is your friend 

You will find plenty of useful information on Google to learn how to build great apps so use them to optimize the development process. By following these guidelines, you will ensure that your app will be user-friendly, intuitive, and helpful. 

Keep up with the trends 

New updates are released to SDK by Google, so always keep your app updated to follow up with all the new features. This will allow you to stay ahead of the competition and provide a better user experience. 

Acknowledge users’ feedback 

The best thing you can do for app improvement is to listen to the users’ feedback. Read thoroughly the reviews in the Google Play store and make sure to implement all useful suggestions, and work through any issues the users might be facing. After all, your app is developed to be used, and it doesn’t matter how good you think it is if the users can’t grasp its functionalities. 

Learn as much as possible about Android 

As an Android developer, you should optimize your knowledge of the specifics as much as possible. Join all active Android web communities and groups, stay updated on all new developments and possibilities, and participate in discussions often. 

Ensure cross-device consistency 

There are numerous devices that support Android, and you should be familiar if not with all of them, at least with as much as possible. This way you will ensure that your app will be optimized for different characteristics and screen sizes. Test your app on as many devices as you can in order to ensure consistency and compatibility. 

Optimization is crucial 

There is nothing worse than an app that loads slowly or takes a lot of space. If you want your app to be successful, optimize constantly to avoid bad performance. Avoid using objects or variables that are unnecessary and always look for ways to up the loading speed and maximize the app’s potential. 

Avoid asking for too many permissions

This is a big turn off for a lot of users these days – when they see a long list of permissions an app is requesting, they are less likely to continue with the installation. Try and request only the most necessary permissions to avoid triggering your users and making them uncomfortable with the download.

Always put users first

Of course, you want your app to be successful and make money. But don’t put your goal for monetization before your users. Try to find the balance while still ensuring the good user experience as nobody likes to feel as it is all about the money. 

Don’t forget to have fun 

To develop an app is essentially to create something useful and helpful so don’t forget to have fun while doing it. Passion is key when it comes to overall success so don’t stress too much over the development process. Focus on the good you can do and enjoy!