Passes Its Most Significant Milestone to Date

Photo by Peter Unden from Pexels

In less than 24 months, celebrates its 100,000th jobs on its platform. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the number of new ICT/Software developers jobs have sharply increased.

The beauty of a startup is watching what started as an idea on a piece of paper become an actual business with all the positives and negatives that come with it. We were fully convinced of our employment website. We knew that we wanted to create a website that was not only different from others but would challenge those existing websites. With over 100,000 jobs on our site, we knew that hundreds of thousands of people share our goal. was launched in November 2018. Our goal was a simple one, we wanted to facilitate the connection between those with job vacancies with those who were searching for employment in the tech industry. And we wanted this process to be easy, regardless of the position and location.

With this in mind, our platform has just two search fields, the Job Title and Location. Once a candidate has entered their search details, they are provided with a list of matches from the 17,525 companies available on the platform. Click on a job and they are presented with all the information and the option to apply. Less than 5 clicks and a candidate has applied for their dream job!

We also offer a resume and cover letter builder that offers the same simplicity with a professional result. For those who have never created a resume or who have been employed by the same company for many years, it might be a daunting experience trying to keep up with the latest dos and don’ts for creating the right resume, so we wanted to offer the option to do this for candidates. Candidates can even choose a template that meets the standards of resumes from different countries.

Furthermore, both companies and candidates can benefit from an employment site that is available in 11 languages. While it’s widely accepted that English is the language of business, we don’t believe that tech experts who aren’t confident in English but excel in programming languages should be held back. is the perfect solution for international companies who need more than English speaking specialists.

The numbers speak for themselves. It’s not just the 100,000 mark that has recently broken that gives us reason to celebrate. We are receiving an average of more than 4,200 new jobs each month—a sign that we are heading in the right direction to shake up the employment website industry.

To celebrate our achievements, we launched our new brand, ‘Who Is Hiring,’ which is already creating success stories in more than 30 countries worldwide.