Increased User Experience with the New Job Board Features

dream-job-4453054_1920 (1) provides a platform to connect a diverse group of vacancies to employees, allowing them to find the best job. With new features added to the site-finding jobs is now easier than ever. 

More companies have been introduced on the site and a new broad spectrum of opportunities are available online with the new update.

Easier access to every feature of the site

Introducing a new dashboard for viewing all your data in a more enhanced way, employing new headers and colors, the dashboard displays all your essential information on hand with every feature of the site one click away. 

The new dashboard has all the features and updates displayed on the front as you log in to the site.

New features added to manage your company on

We are aware of job posts that might belong to your company, and you wish to manage it yourself instead of some other account claiming it; thus, an existing account that appears on our site can now be claimed by you. Or, you can add a new company to our 20,000+ company database to post more jobs and hire the best for you. 

With a new dashboard, managing your job posts online and editing them is more feasible. 

If you wish to send a remark on a candidate’s application, you can do so with our new feature that allows you to add to the candidate’s application section.

Import jobs from different sites

Recruiters usually post their jobs on other platforms as well, and an easy way to do so can be importing your existing jobs from other sites directly to Careers. sh, making it easier for you to manage all your posts on different sites. 

Careers. sh has now complied with this feature too. Allowing you to import jobs from sites like:,,,,,,,, and more coming with new updates in the future!

Your account security is our priority

Accounts are registered with added verification methods to keep them secure; a more secure password is needed from 8-16 letters when you create a new account; minimizing the odds of getting your account hacked. More security optimizations will prevent spam accounts on the site, and your company can receive more legit applications.

For secure and hassle-free payments, more protective measures are integrated, as you wish to buy a subscription plan with your account. Subscription plans are more diverse, finding the best plan for your liking with different price points and innovative features.

A suitable subscription plan from our choices will be an essential part of your job hunt, letting you avail of prime features and featuring your applications on the top.

Insight of all your bookmarks

In addition, we have added new bookmarks listing on the dashboard for candidates, allowing you to quickly access all the job posts you have marked! Bookmarks can be removed or added directly from the dashboard. You can view your marked job posts anytime with easier access.