Want to Stand Out Among Software Engineers? Try Competitive Programming

Photo by Alex Kotliarskyi on Unsplash

Due to the global pandemic, the world is filling up with established talent and up and coming self-trained coders. It can be hard to stand out as a senior software engineer. There is one important path that you should consider if you want to stand out among your peers or seek an edge against the competition in job interviews. That path is competitive programming.

By participating in competitive events, you will be provided with a range of benefits that will make your resume is more attractive to employers and give you a unique pool of experiences that you can use in your job interview. You can then use these new skills and experiences to, later on, help you in your career.

Let us take a look at some of the powerful competitive programming that will help your career take off.

Competitions will make you faster and more focused. 

 This type of training and practice will help you quickly and accurately solve problems in your workplace. The wins in competitive events will provide you with tangible evidence to showcase to your future employers. You will show your skills, precision as well as success.

Competitions will increase your ability to work in teams through exposure to other coders.

It is known that coders often work in very small groups and only see a few other peers’ codes. This aspect can lead to overconfidence and laziness, and these are traits that people do not want in an employee. When you compete, you are exposed to an elite cadre of coders from around the world. This will open your eyes and will show you unique opportunities to learn from the other coders when you work against them.

Competitions will prepare you to solve interview questions. 

Practice will help you solve questions that you might face during an interview. You will solve them with ease and quickly.

Competitive programming will make you a more desirable employee.

The type of questions you will answer, and the problems you are going to solve when you are competing are exactly the kind of work that major corporations need to be done.

Giants in the industry such as Google and Amazon, now that your success in a competition is a credential that attests to your ability to work quickly as well as accurately as part of a team.

You will receive invaluable exposure to top employers.

The major competitive programming competitions are always attended as well as watched closely by employers such as Apple, Facebook, Google, and IBM. These major companies often sponsor competitions for the unique access they provide to both established and rising talent. Big tech companies understand how valuable these competitions are to finding new talent.