Top 5 Jobs You Can Get with a Computer Science Degree

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With the world’s growing technological pursuit, there’s never been a more perfect time than to look for a career in IT. New technologies released almost every month, a growing cloud computing platform, and soaring demand for programming, data science, and cyber security skills, are just a few of the reasons it’s a great idea to switch up careers to the tech industry.

While there are a few different subjects that one studies in Computer Science, the core subjects and skills are software development and programming, algorithms and data structures, applied mathematics, and operating systems. Many of the specializations for CS deep dive into one or more of the listed areas with lots of computer science courses designed to set you on a specific IT career path. In this article, we will be going over the different career paths that you can apply for if you have studied any of the subjects we’ve listed.

1.    Data Scientist

The need for quality business data on a commercial value has increased the demand for Data Scientists – specialists that use technology to gather data for actionable intelligence. However, a job in Data Science often requires a master’s degree in business intelligence, a quantitative science such as mathematics or statistics, and computer science.

If you’re looking at becoming a Data Scientist, courses you should look at taking include:

·        Big Data Visualization

·        Machine Learning

·        Artificial Intelligence

·        Programming in SQL, R, and Python

Recommended CS Degree Level: Master of Computer Science (MCS) (MS)

2.    Software Engineer

As the demand for computer applications rises so does the need for Software Engineers. Software engineers are professionals who create software systems and applications that allow us to control our numerous electronic devices. While most software engineering jobs require you to have a bachelor’s degree in numerous CS courses, there is an alternative in which you could get an entry-level job with just a computer science associate degree or specialized coding certificate with the relevant work experience.

The courses you should look at taking if you want to be a software engineer are:

·        Programming (in Java, Python, Ruby, or PHP)

·        Secure software development

·        UI/UX design

·        Soft Skills training – Problem-solving, teamwork, and time management

Recommended CS Degree level: Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) (BS) (BA)

3.    Computer Science

Computer Scientists, also known as information research scientists, are professionals who can identify and solve complex computing problems in order to advance computing science. They can also work to advance other research fields, such as environmental science, biology, and medicine. In order to be hired as a computer scientist though, most companies will require you to have a master’s degree in computer science while those looking at a CS professorship or advanced researcher will get more opportunities with a PhD in CS.

Desirable course subjects are:

·        Algorithm development

·        Applied Mathematics

·        Technical Writing

·        Scientific Research

Soft Skills Include:

·        Verbal & written communication

·        Analytical Thinking

·        Problem Solving

Recommended CS Degree Level: Master of Computer Science (MS) (MCS) (MSCS) or Doctorate (PhD)

4.    Mobile Application Developer

People who go into Mobile Application Development will see top-tier salaries as a result of smartphones and other smart devices becoming more integrated into our everyday lives. It’s these individuals who write and create the apps that make everything work together smoothly. Because of this mobile development jobs usually require a bachelor’s degree in mobile development, computer science or software development.

Those looking to go into Mobile Development should take the following courses or electives:

·        Programming languages (associated with Swift, Objective-C for iOS, Java and Kotlin for Android)

·        User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) Design

·        Needs-based application development

·        Mobile app marketing

Recommended CS Degree Level: Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS) (BS) (BA)

5.    Computer Systems Analyst

Computer System Analysts are a little different than the previous jobs we’ve listed above. Their main job and focus are to create technology-based solutions in order to boost productivity and maximize a company’s use of technology ROI. This means they have to focus on a company’s computer systems and procedures. Typically employers look for an MBA degree in computer science when hiring for this position.  

Courses you should seek out for this position are:

·        Systems Administration

·        IT Project management

·        Business analysis

Soft Skill Training includes:

·        Leadership

·        Collaboration

·        Communication

Recommended CS Degree Level: Master of Business Administration in Computer Science (MBA) or Bachelor (BCS) (BS)