Popular Programming Languages to Learn in 2021-2025

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There is a string of programming languages that ruled the year 2020, they are Java, SQL, and JavaScript. But this will only be true if we consider only a few factors. Though there is a recent development in tech, we find it rather hard to adopt new programming languages. Big organizations prefer the old programming languages because they are cheaper and can easily adapt to any platform for their customers.

Java has always been the top programming language for a long time now. Though SQL and JavaScript are catching up developers still prefer Java. Its popularity is undefeated, hence its motto ‘write once, run anywhere

However, the world of tech is still evolving. Some new languages are here to stay. An example is Kotlin which was developed to replace Java. It surfaced in 2011 and gradually worked its way to the second official programming language in 6 years. Companies find it easy to move to Kotlin without messing their development process.           

On the other hand, young tech business owners prefer JavaScript due to profits, its flexibility, and adaptation to common trends.

SQL’s Popularity.

SQL is not as effective as Java because it is not a multipurpose language but it still has an increased demand among tech developers. It helps to effectively manage data while users gather new info. This makes it popular.

What is the reason behind this?

We have to find out the reasons for the popularity to get an accurate trend for 2021. The major factors include complexity and place of application. The complexity of programming languages makes it easy to learn and adapt to the language. These types of languages stay on the charts for a long time.

Though most programming languages are made to be multifunctional, their areas of application will determine their popularity. This contributes to the kind of supply their demands create. Most times, some prefer to make a new programming language like Rust than to adopt former ones. There is a surge of new programming languages in the tech industry amounting to about 300 programming languages out there.

List of Trending Programming Languages for 2021.


This language is second in ranking for loved programming languages of programmers. This programming language was launched in 2014 by Mozilla Firefox and it is the most loved language among software developers.


This programming language was made by google in 2009 and has been in the tech space since 2016. It is easy to study the language. Golang is an upcoming trend as it is from google.


This programming language is best for the development of IOS systems. It is taking over from the formerly used Objective-C language. It will be hard for Swift to trend because of the popularity of apple. It is open to a large community of programmers therefore it is one of the top programming languages.


This particular programming language has lots of attributes from functional languages. This makes Scala the highest trending JVM scripting language.


This language has a way of mixing with Java, though it is a dialect under Lisp language. You can operate it with the .NET ecosystem.


This language is a direct dialect of PHP, a small unit of a large IT firm. It contains about 90% of Facebook code. Hack could pave a second way for PHP development.


This is a versatile, old programming language. It is foreseen to trend in CGI scripting and graphics programming.

Java 9

This Java upgrade is small compared to Java8. Kotlin is the next new trend in the Java industry. It is predicted to be new improvements to Android development and system.