Top 6 Most Popular New Programming Languages 

photo by Creative Art

Most popular and influential programming languages – like C, Java, and Python, were created a long time ago. But that does not mean that nothing new is happening – on the contrary, there are new and valuable languages that are used for the development of innovative software and were created recently. Here are the most promising programming languages born in the past 10 years. 


Created by Mozilla, Rust is a programming language that focuses on safety and the prevention of memory violations. When it comes to speed, it is similar to C and C++. Rust allows a high level of abstraction and is based on a typing system, and is particularly useful for projects for which the performance is of utmost importance, such as network services and CLI tools.  

Rust is used by a lot of companies, even some of the giants like Amazon, Dropbox, Red Hat, and Microsoft. Rust is also one of the most favorite programming languages – 73% of developers say they will continue working with Rust, according to a StackOverflow survey. 


Created by Google, Dart is an open-source programming language. It is supposed to be an alternative to JavaScript and is essentially created for mobile devices and web, in combination with the Flutter framework. 

Dart and Flutter are becoming quite popular within the developer community according to GitHub – Dart is on the top of the list for fastest-growing languages in 2019 and Flutter takes second place for the fastest-growing contributor base repository.


Kotlin is developed by JetBrains and is statically typed cross-platform programming language that can be translated into JavaScript. Since 2017 Kotlin is the main language for Android apps and a lot of developers prefer using Kotlin instead of Java as it offers more speed, precision, and it is safer. 

The popularity of Kotlin is growing fast – it was ranked 12th in the most popular programming languages for 2019 by PyPI, and it is used by Netflix, Trello, Uber, Coursera, Pinterest, and Evernote. 


Developed by Microsoft, this open-source programming language can run on any web server and any JavaScript-enabled browser. It was created for the development of large apps as it helps developers to avoid bugs that are typical for JavaScript. TypeScript includes useful tools that make programming easier, such as auto-completion, and you can wite both statically and dynamically. 

TypeScript is gaining traction recently and becoming more and more popular especially after several big companies, including Google, started to use it for their projects. 


Hack was created in 2014 by Facebook as an alternative for PHP. It allows both static and dynamic typing and is fully compatible with PHP, which means that projects can easily be transferred to Hack. 

Hack is popular because it offers both safety and speed, and it is expected that in the next couple of years the programming language will become more consistent. Facebook also plans to increase its investment in order to support the project and build a bigger community.  


An open-source programming language for general purposes built by Apple. Based on Objective-C but can be used not only for iOS or macOS but for Linux too. It is easy to use and comfortable and offers simplified syntax. 

Because it is easy to use from beginners and the apps created in Swift offer high speed, the language is becoming more popular in the developer community – it is ranked 6th in the most loved programming languages list according to StackOverflow.