Artificial Intelligence Career Opportunities

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In today’s ever-evolving industry, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming an increasingly prominent component, opening up a variety of artificial intelligence career paths.  Artificial intelligence is affecting virtually every sector, including education, healthcare, agriculture, and much more, resulting in several great career opportunities. AI jobs require mastering Python, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Machine Learning, and other skills.

Jobs in artificial intelligence

Throughout this blog, you will learn about the skyrocketing demand for AI jobs. Python is primarily used to implement AI. It can only be achieved through Deep Learning and Machine Learning. To handle and process the data, both techniques require extensive libraries.

Artificial Intelligence Skillset

Prerequisite skills include Apache, SQL, Hive, and other database management skills. AI requires the use of programming tools such as Python, R, SAS, SSAS, and Scala. AI frameworks such as Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, AWS Big Data, and Azure can be used to implement AI.

Career opportunities that are revolutionizing the world thanks to artificial intelligence

  • Data Scientist

A data scientist’s role involves identifying valuable data streams and sources, automating data collection processes with data engineers, and dealing with big data. It also devises strategies and solutions for decision-makers.

  • Research Scientist

Research scientists should have programming skills in Python, Scala, SAS, SSAS, and R. Frameworks such as Hadoop, Signa, Scikit-Learn, and H20 are common for researchers.

  • Robotics Scientist

Technological advancements are accelerating at a rapid pace, and robots are stealing jobs from people who are handling boring or repetitive tasks. These robotic systems require a robotics engineer to be built and manage. The complexity of robots requires knowledge in a variety of disciplines to deal with them.

  • AI & ML Developer/Engineer

AI & ML engineers/developers perform statistical analyses, run statistical tests, and implement statistical designs. These professionals develop deep learning systems, manage machine learning programs, implement machine learning algorithms, etc.

  • AI Specialist

Artificial intelligence analysts or specialists are similar to artificial intelligence engineers. To enhance the services delivered by the industry, AI-oriented solutions and schemes need to be implemented. An entry-level position may require a bachelor’s degree, but a master’s is required.

  • Product Manager

Product managers are essential to every organization. In addition to identifying relevant problems, product managers should collect relevant datasets for the interpretation of data.

Artificial Intelligence applications

All major industries are being impacted by the development of Artificial Intelligence. The following are some of the common and broad applications:

  • The healthcare industry
  • The financial sector
  • Educational sector
  • E-Commerce and banks
  • Sport industry
  • Agriculture

Artificial intelligence jobs at major companies

Listed below are some of the most popular artificial intelligence companies.

  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Apple
  • Google
  • Microsoft
  • IBM