How to Become a Great Java Developer

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If you want to be good as a Java developer, you need more than the knowledge of the programming language. Developing an application requires you to be great at Java programming as well as coding.

A great Java programmer is one that continually builds on his knowledge and skill and keeps learning to become better at it. There are so many Java programmers that one needs to constantly update the skill level to compete favorably and beat others.

The niche is highly competitive; thus, you need to stay above the competition by adding a touch of excellence in your delivery and performance in making Java applications.

The Reasons for the Competitiveness in Java Programming

The high level of competition in Java programming can be traced to some reasons below.

Oracle, a major multinational corporation that deals in computer technology, now manages Java. This implies that Java has an increased potential for growth. Thus, more persons are becoming interested in it.

It is now the 2nd most popular programming language and comes in highly recommended for software developers. It is used for both web and software development.

Perhaps, you already know how competitive it gets and wants to upscale your performance. You can reinvent yourself and position as one of the best in the market.

7 Ways to Build on Your Java Programming Skills 

To develop a competitive edge in the market, you can improve your skills in the following ways:

Become an Expert of Java Libraries and APIs 

A good Java developer should gain mastery of its major APIs and Libraries. These APIs and Libraries are very important elements when one is creating a Java Ecosystem. You don’t have to master all the Java Libraries. Just focus on the major ones.

Improve on Unit Testing

It is the level of unit testing that differentiates between the expert and the mediocre in Java programming. Thus, a good Java programmer must update his unit testing skills and be conversant with a variety of unit testing tools.

Master Design Patterns

Design Patterns are very crucial in developing software. It is the Design Patterns that points out the relationship the classes has with the object. As a result, a good Java programmer must be able to know how to include Design Patterns in codes that will make the altering of the application easier.

Be conversant with Java 8

When you can write codes with the features of Java 8, you will beat the competition. This is because a great number of programmers are still unable to do that and the few that can do so, yet have limited knowledge.

Be familiar with the Spring Framework

A spring framework is very important for a Java developer. It helps you to develop applications from POJOs, execute Java in a database transaction.

A great developer ensures that he gets familiarized with the spring framework.

Be an Expert of JVM Internals

To be an expert at JVM means that you understand much more than anyone. This knowledge enables you to resolve complex issues that will arise in the course of programming.

Learn the JVM Languages

When you learn other programming languages, it helps you beyond the use of Java in developing software. When you learn other programming languages, you can easily use the knowledge to build better code.