Java: Still A Giant in the Programming World

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Photo by Christopher Gower on Unsplash

The continued rise of Python and even Ruby on Rails has made developers and companies debate on the status of Java. Though it has remained in the programming game for over 20 years, is this giant still worth learning and implementing for developers and businesses?

The short answer is yes, but let’s dive in to see exactly what it has to offer that Python and Ruby on Rails doesn’t.

Speed & Compiling: Java vs Python

Python is a dynamically-typed programming language that has a faster startup speed than Java, a statically-typed language. This is primarily because Python doesn’t compile its code into bytecode like Java does. In the instance of multithreading, it struggles with executing several threads at the same time or in rapid succession.

Alternatively, Java’s compiler ensures that each execution is valid before moving onto the next. This may make it a bit slower than Python but the code becomes more stable and errors can be fixed sooner due to its process. Multithreading also isn’t a problem since Java has so many tools and frameworks it can utilize.

Twitter’s Shift from Ruby to Java

Beginning in 2008, Twitter spent the next four years shifting its system from using Ruby on Rails to Java. Later, the developers would praise Java’s handling of the 2012 presidential election and its record-breaking boost of traffic on the platform. Twitter previously expressed their displeasure at how Ruby processed their significant amounts of data, saying that was why they turned to Java.

Java & Industries Worldwide

Python’s popularity has not surpassed Java completely. Java still remains the most widely used language worldwide. It’s been proven as a stable programming language that successfully processes vast amounts of data.

The Remote Element

The reputation Java built since its initial release has significantly attributed to the current use of the language moving into a remote-based society. Python is known to have an easier learning curve for beginners than Java but even that shouldn’t be considered a downside. Both languages (with Ruby trailing close behind) are used for various purposes in large and small projects. Having knowledge and experience in each can help any developer compete with other candidates in the hiring process, for example.

A Developer Can Make Money with Java

Due to how in demand Java and Python are, the salaries developers can make with these languages is much higher than others. Ruby is at the top of this list as well but does have a notably less range and use compared to Python and Java. However, making the decision to use any programming language should not be solely based on the financial element.


Overall, Java still reigns as the king of programming languages in many ways. It is experiencing significant competition against Python, Ruby on Rails, and other rising languages but Java has been in this industry far longer for a reason. The stability of the language, vast community of developers and businesses using it, and consistent adaptability keeps it at the top of viable languages to choose from. One day, it may be surpassed by another language, though there isn’t any way to predict that currently.